Krow's TRANSformation

Krow's TRANSformation: Alphabet Soup + Whistler Pride Film Screening

We're delighted to partner with the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival and OUTtv for an LGBTQ+ film screening!
Where: Community Room
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Event Details:

January 2020 marks the 28th annual Whistler Pride and Ski Festival! We're excited to partner with Whistler Pride and OUTtv for an LGBTQ+ film screening for teens and adults. 

We'll be screening Krow's TRANSformation, which follows Krow's 2 year transition from teen 'female' model, to becoming his authentic male self.

Film synopsis: 

Never comfortable with “her” body or given name, Kayanna knew since childhood he was meant to be a boy. Struggling deeply with his identity throughout his youth, he adopted a new name – Krow.

At 12-years-old, Krow began a career as a globe-trotting “female” fashion model. While living a glamorous lifestyle, he never felt fully comfortable, despite the attention and praise lavished on him for his good looks.

At school he was seen as a tomboy and cruelly bullied for the way he dressed. Krow found solace in Animé conventions and cosplay, where he found like-minded people who accepted him for who he truly was, giving him new found confidence.

At 18, Krow embarked on the journey towards physically becoming a man. The first step was cutting off his ponytail and then pausing his career as a fashion model in order to begin the process of transitioning.


Alphabet Soup is a monthly drop-in program for LGBTQ+ individuals along with their friends, family, and allies, presented in partnership with the Whistler Youth Centre, Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Alliance, and Whistler Community Services Society. Check out our upcoming Alphabet Soup activities here