Maz Esnouf with cookbooks

Cookbook Club: Holiday Cooking

Join us for the next meeting of our (virtual) Cookbook Club!
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Details:

Join us for the next meeting of our (virtual) Cookbook Club! Our theme for this meeting will be Holiday Cooking. Come share your favourite holiday recipes, from latkes to casseroles and beyond.

Here's how it works: you'll choose a cookbook to share with the group based on the theme we've chosen. It can be an old favourite or something you've just discovered, as long as you've tried a few recipes from the book that you can share! We'll take turns briefly reviewing our books and recommending one or two stand-out recipes. After the meeting, we'll create a list based on your recommendations to share with the group.

This event will take place on Zoom! To register, please email our Program Coordinator, Jeanette, at


Coming up: in January, we'll discuss One-Pot Recipes, and in February, we'll talk Breaking Bread.


About the facilitator:

Maz Esnouf here  - aspiring chef and book club reader!  You may know me from the Public Services desk at the Whistler Public Library or from around town. I love reading the library's book club selections as it gets me reading books I wouldn't normally pick. I also love to cook for my family and I am  always keen to try out new recipes and ingredients. When you combine the two you get Cookbook Club – come and nerd out with me about cook books!