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Write It, Read It Camp

This 3-day camp gives young folks who have a passion for reading and writing a chance to interact with local authors!
Where: Online
Time: 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Repeats: Two chances to attend: July 20, 21, 22 and August 24, 25, 26  
Event Details:

Does your kid love to read and write? We invite them to come get creative with local writer, Rebecca Wood Barrett! This summer, we're offering two virtual Write It, Read It Camps:

July Camp: Be the Detective! Mini-Mystery Writing Workshop

Whodunit? You! Join author and teacher Rebecca Wood Barrett and learn how to write your very own mystery. Together we’ll brainstorm clever crimes and invent a crime-solver character. We’ll create believable suspects and motives, and red herrings to throw readers off the scent. You’ll learn how to sneakily bury real clues in other story details, and how to reveal the culprit at the end of your mini-mystery.

Follow this link to sign up for the July camp

August Camp: Digging in the Dirt! Unearthing the Grit in your Writing

We all want a little grit in our writing. We want our characters to feel real, and to surprise the reader in some way. Good writing is not the smooth, polished stone you pick up, it’s the grimy, unexpected thing you find underneath. So how do we get that grit? How do you dig beneath the surface? You do it by paying attention to every level of the writing craft, from an unusual story idea to the muscular verbs you choose to varying sentence structure. In this creative writing workshop with Rebecca Wood Barrett you’ll work on a story and tinker with your new writing tools to dig up the grit.

Follow this link to sign up for the August camp

This camp is intended for kids ages 10 and up, and will take place virtually, on Zoom. Registration opens on Monday, May 31! 

About the facilitator:

Rebecca Wood Barrett, (BAA Film, MFA Creative Writing), is a filmmaker, writer and creative writing teacher living in Whistler, BC. Her diverse body of award-winning work includes creative non-fiction, postcard stories, feature magazine and online articles, short and feature films, plays, television advertising, blogs, infotainment, short fiction and a middle-grade chapter book called My Best Friend is Extinct, publishing in January 2021 with Orca Book Publishers.