Members of the Board of Trustees

The Board of the Whistler Public Library is a committed group of people who love libraries and love Whistler. As appointees of the Mayor and Council, Board members work hard with the Library Director and staff to help make our library the dynamic, progressive, and inspiring place it is today. Specifically, the Board, along with the RMOW, has overall fiscal responsibility for the library. The Board’s other primary roles include helping to determine strategic priorities, developing policies, and hiring the Library Director. The Board meets the first Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m. with the exception of the month of August. We are meeting virtually until further notice.

The WPL Board is operated pursuant to the BC Library Act.


Board Members  

2021 WPL BoardExecutive Committee

  • Chair:  Mike Walsh
  • Vice Chair:  Christine Young
  • Ad hoc: Karen Laughland
  • Library Director:  Elizabeth Tracy

Governance & Human Resources

  • Chair: Josie Chuback
  • Ralph Forsyth
  • Gail Banning

Advocacy & Fundraising

  • Thomas Sikora (co-chair)
  • Karen Laughland (co-chair)
  • Sheilagh Martin
  • Jeff Murl
  • Gail Banning
  • Cathy Abell

Risk Management

  • Christine Young
  • Thomas Sikora

Finance Committee

  • Jeff Murl
  • Thomas Sikora

Interlink Representative

  • Josie Chuback

Friends of the Library Representative

  • Sheilagh Martin

RMOW Council representative

  • Ralph Forsyth

Special Projects

  • Bevin Heath Ansley


Board meeting minutes: found here.

Strategic Plan: Our current Strategic Plan (2018 to 2021) outlines the Library's priorities for the next four years.