Menopausal Health with Dana Elliott, Angela Simpson & Dr. Teresa Wood

If you have ever had a uterus, this talk is for you, no matter your age!

Join Angela Simpson (Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Health PT, and Kinesiologist), Dana Elliot (MScPT, BSc, BHK, Pelvic and Women’s Health Physiotherapist), and Dr. Teresa M. Wood (MD BA, ISSWSH member) for a presentation on menopausal health.

Angela will cover topics related to Functional Medicine and Hormonal Health:

  • Low energy: Why does this get so bad with perimenopause/the menopause transition, and what can be done to improve on this (there are many ways!)
  • Brain fog, focus/concentration, memory concerns, mental stamina: how to support brain health with the transition into menopause, both with or without hormones
  • Weight gain: menopausal belly fat, and what to do about it (and the answer isn’t a keto diet and intense bootcamp-style exercise for everyone!)

Dana Elliott will cover topics related to Physical Changes with Menopause:

  • How the body and pelvic floor changes through menopause and the effects this has on day-to-day life and activity
  • Common symptoms of menopause such as incontinence, over-active bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, exercise tolerance, sports injury, osteoporosis and risk of fractures
  • When to see someone, who to see, and what questions to ask

Dr. Teresa Wood will be talking about Sexy MidLives: tools for what’s HOT & what’s NOT HOT in Peri/Menopause.

Registration is required! Email to sign up. If you’d like to submit any questions ahead of time (to be shared anonymously with the presenters), please send your questions to Jeanette at


About the speakers:

Trained as a Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, and Functional Health Practitioner, Angela Simpson has over 20 years of experience as a Health Care Provider.  As a Functional Health Practitioner, Angela has specialized in the area of women’s health… particularly women moving towards, and into menopause (ages 35-55), to help them rebalance their hormones naturally. Beyond passion for her work, Angela is a wife, mother, outdoor enthusiast, athlete, and advocate of natural medicine.  She believes the human body can heal from almost anything, if given the right support.

Growing up in the Sea to Sky Corridor, Dana Elliott’s background is in skiing: ski instructing and coaching, custom boot fitting, and as a competitive freeskier. This all lead to her completing science and kinesiology degrees and eventually a master’s in physiotherapy. Throughout the past 12 years as a physiotherapist, Dana has progressed her post-graduate training to focus on women’s health conditions including sports injury, pelvic health, breast health, pre- and postnatal care, and menopausal health.

Dr. Teresa Wood, MD BA is a Family & Sexual Medicine Physician whose work focuses primarily on Sexual & Gender Medicine, Mental Health, Women/Trans Health & Trigger point treatment.  She works locally at Options for Sexual Health Tuesdays 5-8pm, and internationally, as a physician for physicians/others who are seeking Sex & Intimacy Coaching for couples, individuals, polys of all genders and orientations. Dr Wood is a member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health.  She has taught the Science of Female Sexual Pleasure for decades, since the late 90’s, when she toured USA/Canada/Europe on the Speaker Circuit, with her popular lecture series called  “Unlearning Your Sex Education”.  Her series dismantled the blame/shame/bad/wrong approach to sex. Her teachings of equal, consensual, mutual pleasure for all genders, can still be heard at her Medical School lectures on “The Anatomy, Physiology and other Taboos of Sexual Pleasure for all Genders.”

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May 24 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Community Room
Whistler Public Library, Main Street, Whistler, BC
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