Photography for Beginners

Explore your digital camera with professional photographer Jeff Boyce of Photography Whistler.

This two-part workshop is designed to get the novice photographer to understand and utilize the full potential of their digital camera.

The first part will focus on basic camera functions such as focus modes, file types and white balance to name a few.  We will then explore the correlation between the shutter, aperture and ISO and how they control the light to make the image.

The second session will dive into lens selection, explore the elements of composition and practice different techniques to create the dynamic image that you were looking for.  Using different lenses we will practice different depths of field and utilize popular in-camera photo techniques such as panning, blurring and freezing the motion.

This class requires a digital camera with manual settings.

Email to sign up! Please note that you will be registering for both sessions.

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Apr 30 2023


10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Wonder Lab
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