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Teen health and wellness is a website that looks at real life and real answers. From body basics, diversity, drugs and alcohol to friendship and dating, family life, nutrition, fitness and appearance, and more.

Teen programs

Teen Book and Writing Club: In this monthly book club, we either read a book as a group, or make our own choice based on a selected theme. Come join us while we discuss the books we're enjoying, get into some creative writing, and have snacks. 

Alphabet Soup: Alphabet Soup is a monthly drop-in program for LGBTQ+ individuals along with their friends, family, and allies. This program provides a space to make friendships and build community while sharing resources, ideas, successes, and challenges. It is presented in partnership with the Whistler Youth Centre and Whistler Community Services Society.

Teen research and homework

We can help you find the resources you need,  whether you need information to satisfy your personal curiosity or to fulfill school assignments. We can also help you navigate the internet or find your way through our topic selections listed below. In addition, we also have lots of helpful books (bet you knew that!) and a selection of local high school textbooks that you can use in the library or take home.

You can come and talk to us in person or email us to book a one-on-one research session at youthservices@whistlerlibrary.ca


  • Biography.com:  An attractive database of over 25,000 biographies on historical and contemporary figures from all over the world.
  • Dictionary Of Canadian Biography Online: An authoritative source of information about people who played an important role in the formation of what is now Canada. Scope is limited to those who died between the years 1000 and 1930.
  • Canadiana: A coalition of memory institutions dedicated to providing broad access to Canada's documentary heritage.
  • Canadian History and Heritage: Get a better understanding and appreciation of the events and experiences that reflect and define Canada’s history and identity.
  • BC Archives Amazing Time Machine: Don't be fooled by the child friendly home page, because this site has appealing material for teens and adults as well.  Features many photos and documents for the British Columbia Archives.
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia: a free bilingual online resource and the only established national encyclopedia of its kind in the world, offers the largest collection of authored, accurate, and continually updated articles focused on Canada and Canadiana.


  • About Canada: If it's about Canada, you'll find it here. 
  • BC Archives Amazing Time Machine: Don't be fooled by the child friendly home page, because this site has appealing material for teens and adults as well.  Features many photos and documents for the British Columbia Archives.
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia: A comprehensive source for all things Canadian.
  • Culture Online: Made in Canada: An attractive portal that provides a vast array of links to Canadian cultural content.
  • Canadian Great War Project: This site provides information pertaining to Canada's participation in World War I.  Included are numerous articles, war diaries, images, timetables and maps.

Language Arts



Social Studies

  • CBCnews.ca: Canada's authoritative source for news of current events.
  • United Nations Cyberschoolbus: View information about member nations, take a virtual tour, explore issues of human rights relating to children or take quizzes and play games to help you learn about the countries of the world. Interactive and well designed for school-age children.
  • Your Guide to the Religions of the World: This BBC site offers an introduction to Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Sikhism.

World History

  • Labyrinth: A global information network providing free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies through a Web server at Georgetown University.
  • Theban Mapping Project: An interactive atlas with commentary and photos of the monuments in Thebes, particularly in the Valley of the Kings.
  • World History: From the early beginning to modern times, this site traces human origins and societies through the ages.

Are you a teen who loves to read? You can now earn volunteer hours just by reading and reviewing books through our Teen Reviews Project!