Virtual Whistler Meditates

Join our monthly community mindfulness class on Zoom to explore an array of traditional and science-backed meditation and wellness practices, skills, and tools that can make a difference in your daily life – and, to engage with our growing Whistler meditation community.

Everyone welcome, from first-timers to practiced meditators. This class centers on guided instruction and inquiry, but also includes time for community dialogue. Please plan to join this session with your camera on, and to participate in the shared exchange.

Join us once, occasionally, or every month, as you wish. Guided by mindfulness facilitator Susan Reifer.

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About the instructor:

Susan Reifer has studied and practiced meditation for over 30 years, and has taught it for nearly ten. A working journalist and essayist who has lived in the Whistler area since the late 1990s, Susan has always loved Whistler Public Library and is delighted to help make mindfulness tools accessible to our community. Learn more about Susan at

Best Practices for Zoom Whistler Meditates sessions:

  • Consider dressing comfortably, in loose or stretchy clothes that make it easy to sit and move gently.
  • Find a quiet place to attend class. If possible, join class while in a room by yourself with the door closed; if that’s not possible, find a quiet corner and use headphones. Ask your housemates and family in advance not to disturb you during your 60 minutes in meditation class.​​​​
  • Please consider participating in this class while sitting in a supported, upright position rather than lying down.
  • When you join the meeting, you will be asked to share your audio and video. This helps Susan teach each of you more effectively and fosters a shared experience of community among all attendees. Please also consider positioning your lighting so that you are visible during class.
  • We will not be recording this session. We ask that you do not record or take screen shots of the session, out of respect for the privacy of our facilitator and other participants.​​​​​​ If you wish to remember things from class, consider having a notebook and pen handy to take notes.
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Jun 12 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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