Language Learning

Mango Languages
Learn over 70 languages. From Spanish and English, to Russian and Japanese, you can learn at home or on the go. Mango Languages uses a unique teaching method that quickly engages you in real conversations between two native speakers.

Mango Languages app: iOS | Android

My Canada
An online learning tool aimed at ESL and literacy students to learn about Canada's language and culture. Limited to 3 users at one time.

Road to IELTS (General)
Helps newcomers and students prepare for the International English Language Testing System exam - and can be used by learners who just want to improve their English. Limited to 3 users at one time. Currently not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Road to IELTS (Academic)
Based on community feedback, we've switched our subscription to the General version of Road to IELTS and our subscription to the Academic version will end on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.